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Where to find full fund cost data

In my previous posting entitled Hidden Costs of Investment I mentioned that that details on portfolio turnover rates are to be found in the Short Prospectuses of the fund management companies.

This blog will contain links to the short prospectuses. As I find more I will add more, so make sure you visit regularly or by subscribing here. Readers are more than welcome to help with this by providing additional links in the comments to this posting.The companies periodically change the links. Whilst I will try and keep on top of these, if readers spot any that no longer work please post a comment.

Links to Short Prospectuses


Credit Suisse




GAM You need to accept the terms, select ‘Funds’ and then choose ‘Library’ from the left hand menu where you will find the simplified prospectus.

Invesco Perpetual This links to the table on charges from which you can go on to see the PTR. Simplified Prospectuses are in the library section of the site.


Legal & General


New Star

Norwich Union

Old Mutual


Schroders This takes you to the funds section of the simplified prospectus containing the charging details for each fund. If you want to see the generic section look here

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