Trustee Investment

In recognition of the specific duties imposed on Trustees, regarding the investment of assets held in their care, we have developed a specialist Trustee Investment Service. The over-riding objective of the service is to help Trustees and their professional advisers to cost effectively deal with all matters relating to investment. We have adopted a highly systematic approach to the establishment and monitoring of investment portfolios, which takes full account of the diverse requirements of our clients.

Trustee Investment is not simply a matter of establishing a suitable portfolio and then monitoring it. It is also necessary to take into account the intentions of the Settlor and Trustees with regard to the distribution of income or capital. In addition, Tax efficiency must not be overlooked. It is also important to be able to provide a comprehensive financial planning and asset management service to the beneficiaries so that the funds can be managed seamlessly once they have been passed out of the trust.

How do we differ from other investment advisers?

Our objectives are completely different to that of most investment advisors, who try to beat the market through strategies that involve market timing and stock selection. Most academic research into investment performance indicates that so-called active strategies, which try to beat the market, do not work. The research is confirmed by the poor performance of most active managers, who are unable to beat the indices against which they are benchmarked.

Unlike most investment advisers, we adopt a Passive Approach to investment. This does not mean that we sit back and do nothing. We just do not waste time and money trying to beat the markets when this cannot consistently be done. Instead, we aim to help our clients recover as much as possible of the market rate of return given the level of risk they wish to take. We only include asset classes in our portfolios, which the research suggests have a reasonable probability of delivering additional returns given the level of risk that they provide. Our portfolios are, either allocated to Index Trackers, which buy the whole of a market, or to Passive Funds, which buy specific components of a market e.g. undervalued or smaller companies.

Our service is fee based and makes use of low cost institutional funds, which are not available to most financial advisers or private investors.